Unexpected road blocks for beginner guitar players Part 1

When you are first starting to learn to play the guitar there may be unexpected road blocks that come your way.

Many beginner guitar players start off with a less than ideal guitar that stops them some practising and progressing as fast as they could. We see many beginners who come to us with a cheap guitar or one that they have inherited and often times the strings of rusty stay hard pressed down. It might be the wrong size for them to play and they just sort of enthusiastic about playing it but they don’t realise it’s going to hold them back from practising a spot to stay would if they had a really nice guitar that they enjoyed playing.

Getting stuck because your ears aren’t developed enough

The other thing that a lot of beginners get stuck with is the ears. That might be a funny sentence but actually if you haven’t played a musical instrument before your ears might deceive you.

You might think your guitar is in tune and that it matches whatever app you using on your iPhone. But actually what you need is a tune on that clips onto your guitar and tells you exactly that your guitar is in tune.

Get the right guitar tuner

A lot of guitar players want their first starting out just use an app on the iPhone or try and match it to a sound they here and they see professional musicians doing the same thing. But the thing is when your ears aren’t trained they can deceive how your hearing your guitar and the sound it is making.

Not sure how to learn the guitar

Often times beginners get stuck after the first month to 3 months of learning the guitar and that’s because they don’t know what to do to learn to play the guitar. If you think about learning to perform high surgery or learning to swim might be a better example. You can kind of paddle around by yourself for a few months and enjoy the process and enjoy the exploration, but after that you often get stuck and don’t know where I should go from there.

You can’t see what you’re doing yourself you don’t know how you’re sitting if it’s correct you don’t know where to put your fingers instead in the correct positions. You wondering why your guitar playing doesn’t sound anything like this song, and in the beginning, it was okay he just thought it was you starting to learn to play but after three months, you’re wondering why your guitar playing still sounds nothing like the song you’re trying to play. 

If you are interested in how to fix it, stayed tuned for Part 2!

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