How to help your child when they are learning to play the guitar through praising them “correctly”

Help your child to learn the guitar by motivating them in the right way. 

One way is to praise them in a way that motivates them to work harder. 

One way to do this is to give them simple observations. So instead of saying, You’re really playing off the beat they’re saying, I really liked it in the section where you played on the beat. Oh, instead of saying, Why do you have to play so loud is hurting my ears, say, I really liked it in the section, when you play the little quieter, because then I could really hear the nose ringing out. Just observe what they’re doing and comment on it is one way to give feedback to your child without criticising them. After all, if you’ve never done music before, how do you know that’s not how they’re supposed to be playing the piece.

Also, the more you criticise a child, the less likely they’re gonna want to share with you what they’ve been doing. And if practising guitar is such a big part of getting better at playing the guitar they might not want to practice around you anymore. And I’m guessing you live with your child.

So that means they won’t be practising very much at all. As soon as interest that they will lose interest in the instrument, because of it. That’s three praise your child on the effort that they’ve been pushing.One thing that a lot of parents do, is that they will go over the top the other way instead of criticising them, everything their child does they’ll say, That’s amazing. What great playing, that sounded wonderful. Now on the surface, it might seem like you’ve been supportive but actually has the opposite effect.

Psychologically, because your child will want to play things that sound wonderful to you all the time. They won’t want to try new things.

It seems counterintuitive that praising your child doesn’t motivate them. It’s important that you find ways to praise your child that encourages them to work harder and want to be curious and try new things.

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